What is the formula to calculate pump capacity and liters per minute (LPH) calculation for high rise bulidings?


 I want to know the details related to Pump Capacity (HP) discharge requirement and Liters Per Minute (LPM).

For example: If the building is a high rise with 18 floors (65 meters) then what should the pump capacity (HP) and (LPM) be as per norms.

We have installed a fire fighting system in building but I have'nt received any instructions on such high rise building work for fire fighting system installation, if we receive your calculation we can go ahead.

For fire fighting system in high rise building we require 2 pumps  1) Jockey pump  & 2) Main Pump to maintain pressure in risers.

Please guide me and let me know the formula to calculate the capacity and LPM required for it.

This is my request beside this if you can suggest some books for it.