What could be the reasons for suddenly getting muddy water from borewell


We are residents of JP Nagar 5th Phase Bangalore. 8 years back we had dug a borewell. The depth of the borewell is 600 ft, depth of the casing is 73 ft. The dia of the borewell is 6.5 inches.

In the last 8 years we had motor pump problem 3 times and every time we have repaired the motor pump and put it back into the borewell. In the initial years the yield was very good and sufficient. Off late say from last year the yeild has not been good but  there has been continuous and very slow yeild of  water from the bore source.

On 28th of May 2013 we replaced our old motor pump with new Texmo, 2HP motor pump. After pumping the water for 1 hour we have started getting muddy water.

2 weeks back there was a heavy rain that we witnessed in our area, this was for one day only.

What could be the reason for this? Is there any solution for this?

Till date we have not done any cleaning of the borewell.


Vani Sunil