What is the best way for recharging the aquifer?

Which department or agency ( Geology) should i approach to study the aquifer properties depth and the best way it can be recharged.

Hi i am coimbatore - dist / Tamilnadu, i am willing to construct a bore-well recharge for agriculture purpose

The area receives about 700mm / year rainfall and close to 50% during NE Monsoon October and November.

 So far i am recharging through farm pond but when rain fails or is less we go dry.

Last year a bore well was drilled to 600 feet and there was hardly 1/2 water which was struck at 80feet below that nothing.

Farm pond has been in existence for past 5 decades approximately 3acres.

Consumption of water for agriculture purpose is 7.5HP pump * 5hrs * 325days excluding the rainy days.

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