What are the most currently used systems - Stand pipes, piped systems or hand pumps ?

Good day,

I am a student at the Sorbonne University in Paris and I am conducting a research on Indian water systems. I have been looking for data which would indicates what are the most currently used systems (stand pipes, piped systems, hand pumps etc..) in India in general or in Andhra Pradesh. Are there more centralized or decentralized systems ?

I have found this data : "In AP, there are 335 895 Hand pumps, 53 215 Public Water System (PWS) Schemes and 521 Community Public Water System (CPWS) Schemes (including SSP Schemes) existing as on 01.04.2011. " but I am not sure to know what PWS and CPWS refer to? Some indications about where to find those information would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you very much.