Water struck at 40 feet while drilling a borewell in Pollachi, Tamilnadu - Is this reliable? Can I dig an open well close to it?

I am from Puravipalayam village, Pollachi taluk, Coimbatore district, TN. To the north of the farm, there is a dry river and the land slopes from the South towards this river. During monsoon times, there used to be a minimal flow/stagnant water and it goes dry in summer months (Feb to May).

We planned to drill borewell in our land and diviner suggested a spot where 1.5 inch water available within 300 feet. The work started and in the end of 2nd rod (16 feet rod) there was a 1.5 inch point. This created a slush while drilling and the casing pipe was not steady (20 feet casing pipe) as it was going in with further drilling. So totally after 3 such pipes, finally the water stopped coming out and then we struck hard rock. This went on for 300 feet, and then another 1.75 to 2 inch water source was struck. Drilling went on for 530 feet and then stopped.

My query is, is the water strike at 40 feet reliable? (There is a well 200 meters nearby, but water did not reduce from it). If I dig a openwell nearby, can this prove to be a reliable source of water in the long term?

To add more, this area is generally dry (so 40 feet water is a shock/surprise) and recently lightning strike was there very close (2 metre) to the current borewell spot (a palm tree is now dying). Local people say that the lightning/thunder has struck water.

Kindly help/give some opinions.