Water level is 580 ft in borewell, but water doesn't get pumped up - How to resolve the problem - I am usiing a Suguna submersible pump

We have dug a borewell that is 750 feet. Then we used a technician to insert a video camera and ensured there are no blocks or silt. The water was standing at 580 feet. We, then, installed a submersible pump from Suguna which is rated at single phase - 40 stage. The pump was installed at 700 feet. The complete job was done by the Suguna dealer directly. We felt, they will do a good job, even though it was costlier than other agencies.

But, from the day we installed the pump, the water gets pumped only after 10 minutes. Sometimes, we have to switch off and on three four times (10 minutes each time), before the water gets pumped. When we talk to Suguna sales and service at JC road, he tells that the pressure is low and he will check if we get a water tank and fill the borewell. When the video shows the water standing at 580 feet, I am not able to understand where the problem lies. Once it starts pumping water, it pumps even for 2 hours at a stretch. There is no shortage of water. Please suggest, how to resolve this issue