Want to set up a packaged drinking plant in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu - Attached a water sample report with RO & silica related queries

Dear Sir,

My name is Ravi, from Tanjore Dist, Tamilnadu

I have attached is the Water Sample report of my bore well.

I am in process of establishing a business in packaged drinking water in Tanjore Dist, Tamilnadu.

The company supplying, installing and commissioning the RO Unit, reports that the silica content is more & hence we may need to waste more water, being this borewell is new. For the proposed 5000 LPH plant, he told the feed should be given around 12000 LPH and this will reduce later. I took the sample from the well immediately after the drilling and cleaning of the bore well is completed. (Drilled up to 120 feet, and next day they clean/ blow with air compressor for continuous 3 hours and at the end I took the sample in the newly washed containers). I am much worried about the higher quantity of disposal (RO reject). The equipment supplier has mentioned only 2 filters (Pressure Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter). Is this enough?. Do we need softener for the above water result?

I plan to run initially 8~10 hours per day and as per his statement, the RO reject will be 60000 liters per day.

I am not an expert and completely new to in this field. I need the expert’s guidance on the following.

  1. In overall what is opinion of the result?
  2. Is there any way that I can reduce the RO reject quantity by improving pre-filtration?
  3. I have read the article on RO reject in IWP, someone suggested that the convert the RO reject into salable salt, is it economically possible?
  4. Before bottling can we add minerals to improve taste and quality of the water?

I need your valuable guidance and suggestions to do a good job.

Thanks and kind regards,