Want to know which motor pump can be used and at what depth it needs to be installed for a residential house in Yelahanka, Bangalore,Karnataka

For my proposed house construction in 35x50 site, following borewell was drilled.

Borewell location : Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore North
Drilling time:25/08/2011

Depth of borewell : 412 feet
Depth of 2.5mm M,S 6.5 ” casing : 150 feet
Depth of 10" PVC Casing pipe: 94 feet.


Here is how the Yield Report looks


1.      Diameter of the Borewell                               : 6.5”

2.      Date of Drilling                                               : 25/08/2011

3.      Depth of Drilling                                            : 412 feet

4.      Casing Pipe Erected (2.5mm 6.5” MS)           : 150.5

5.      Yield at the time of drilling                            : 4” Water (25/08/2011)

6.      Collar &Cap                                                    : 10

7.      Yield

a.       Spring                                                  : ½”  Water @ 220 Feet

b.      Spring                                                  : Silt at 370 feet

c.       Spring                                                  : 3 ½”  Water @ 380 Feet

8.      Remarks                                                          : Light Boulders and Silt

The Borewell  is meant to be used during the house construction of 3 Floors (Ground, First and Second) structure , and then to supplement the Kaveri water (municipal supply) for a medium family of 10 members

Drilling went well,  we hit rock at (approx) 150 feet then hit water at 220 feet as mentioned above yield report , then the drilling was finally stopped at 412 feet when the driller said he cannot drill further as the water pressure is too much.


1.      I want to know which Motor/Pump is ideally suited for this?

2.      If it will be submersible type, what depth it should be installed at?

3.      Are there any precautions to be taken while installing the motor?

Thanks & Regards