Troubleshooting & technical help required for pump retrieval in Dahanu, Thane, Maharashtra

We have a farmhouse in Dahanu, 100 km from bombay. A borewell was dug in May 2006 to a depth of 200ft. Recently the pump malfunctioned due to electrical issues. While retrieving the pump for repairs it was stuck at 150 ft. During repeated efforts to recover the same the pipe parted at 20ft.  The pump and the pipe (1" dia) is presently stuck inside. The dia of the borewell is 6''. Water level in the borewell is usually at a depth of 80 ft below ground, we had struck water of around 3" during the drilling at depth of 160ft.

Is it advisable to lower another pump of 3'' or 4'' dia inside leaving the older one as it is?
The casing had only been put to 10 ft depth below the ground.

Kindly provide contact information of agencies to be contacted in Mumbai or Thane regions who offer services such as ground water exploration in case a new borewell needs to be dug or help with technical expertise here.

Rohit Fernandes