Tested water samples from our house well & borewell in rural Maharashtra- Can someone explain the results to us & suggest steps?

Dear Sir,

We have a house in rural Maharashtra which has an open water well and a borewell. We had recently sent the water samples for testing to a lab in Mumbai and got the results.

After speaking to various so called water 'consultants', we started getting different opinions from different people on what we need to do, that is, to treat the water, if at all, for our various uses such as drinking, bathing, cooking etc.

Most people we speak to are mainly interested in selling us their water treatment equipments used for softening, purifying etc. However, it seems, from looking at the reports as a lay person, that our water quality is reasonably good.

Is there anyone in your staff or someone who can point out to us what exactly is happening and who can guide us impartially? I can send your the water reports by mail and can follow it up with a call.