Sudden stoppage of water from borewell - Is it a fault with pump or less water availability in the well

Hi all

I am new to this blog, very interesting and lots information here.

Our bore well is about 480ft, we have installed 2Hp submersible pump into the bore well. We used to switch on pump in night because of voltage drop in morning in our area.  We used to run motor for 2hrs daily continually and we get enough water (water flow out for 2hrs without any interruption) . 

Last month we changed MCB switch in control panel, because it was tripping every time we switched ON. Later our electrician said that MCB as to be changed and he put 30amps MCB switch for m16amps (previous one).  After that we didn't had any problem, recently from last week water is not pumped out suddenly. 

I can here water dropping sound and ossh sound (motor off). When I switch on the motor, Amp meter show 8-10Amps in control panel.  Main meter  wheel is rotating, but no water is pumped.


I want to know is that motor problem or no water in bore well. Please let me know what I should do.

I f motor problem How to Identify it on myself.

If water is not there in bore well how to find it.