Sudden stoppage of water in the borewell

Need help regarding sudden stoppage of water in the borewell.

(Question received through email)

Dear Sir,

We drilled a borewell (for domestic purpose) near Chennimalai in Erode District in September, 2017 upto 1060 feet. It was completely rocky upto 900 feet and then we could find water source (about one inch according to the borewell driller) only at 900th feet. But after 900 feet, upto 1060th feet it was completely wet soil.Then we installed a 5 HP Texmo submersible motor and 1 and 1/4 Inch Ashirvath heavy coupling type pipes upto 1020 feet. When we installed the motor and pipes, the water level was just at the 25th feet from the ground level. Initially we had good yield of water but later 5 to 6 borewells were drilled within  100 metre of our surroundings. As a result, now we get only 200 litres of water every day. (Further it takes three and half minutes for water to come up to the ground after switching on the motor. During this time,, the air sound is also entirely different). The ams metre shows 10 in the beginning and during the water-flow but after water stops,it is 8. We don't know what happened actually. Some people say that there will be a problem either with the submersible pump set or with the pipes (according to them,vsome cracks might be there in the pipes). Some other people say that there is only less yield of water and they also advise me to blast explosives (between 900 to 910 feet and 1000 to 1010 feet) inside the borewell to open up new fractures and to expand the existing fractures. Please give me a good suggestion regarding this. If blasting explosives is a recommended solution, what should I do? If blasting is not a recommended solution, what is the alternative solution to increase the water level. Since I spend sleepless night everyday due to this worry, I am expecting your earliest reply.

Thank you very much
Palanisamy Muthusamy (M.P.)