Sudden stopage of water from borewell

We bought a used house in January 2019. They bored a well upto 700 ft and installed 2 hp submersible pump at 590 ft with 1 inch pipe. We did some renovation work. At the beginning of the month of May, amp meter went higher, but we didn't get water. Technicians checked the panel board for inspecting the submersible pump. So we planned to lift pump, but after removing 40 ft of pipes, pump got stuck and couldn't be lifted. After struggling for a long time, they pushed the pipe down and then lifted it. Pump needed service, so we planned to buy new 2 hp pump to check the water yeild, drop down weight. The weight got stuck at 670 ft and we couldn't lift it. So they tied it with nail, then we installed new pump 2 hp at 570 ft with same pipe, we got water with good yield. However, after two days we got the same problem, we didn't get water from the pump. We lifted the pump, technician said that water level has gone down below 570 ft. We were shocked. What might be the reason for this and how can I get water. Plz suggest.

Thanks in advance.