Submersible motor in a house in Bangalore, Karnataka, got struck at a depth of 130' - Need help to retrieve the pumpset

Last year in our plot one 4 1/2" borewell was sunk upto a depth of 240'. pvc casing upto a depth of 110' was made. pink coloured rock at 120'. 1st source of water at 130'. upto 190' hard rock--black & white and at 190' small boulders pink colour. Hard rock continued. 2nd source of water at 21-'. Drilling was stopped at 240' as the hard rock continued. water yield was estimated at 1.25 to 1.5 inches. 1.5 HP submersible pumpset was installed at a depth of 220'. Last month i.e., after 2 months of  commencement of rainy season silt in the water was noticed and the water was taken for testing. They advd to clean the borewell before the water testing for good results. When the agency tried to lift the pumpset it got struck at a depth of 130' as we are able to lift about 80' from its place. I need help to got further for retrieving the pumpset.

Location of my house is at Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore-79