Request for participation in Master thesis survey on flood adaptation technologies.


As a part of my master thesis I formulated a survey based on the scope and the shortlisted technologies. It's about 10 criterias to grade them comparatively.

Would be greatful for your expert opinions and participation.

Cheatcode for the survey:
5= neither agree or disagree (neutral/not sure)
0= strongly disagree/ don't recommend
10= strongly agree/recommend

A little more about my thesis work: My master thesis titled "Flood adaptive strategies for Buckingham Canal Chennai" is an extention of my internship through GIZ a German governmental agency for international collaboration with developing nations. The project I was part of concluded earlier this year it's called "Cities fit for Climate Change". As part of our field work, we lived in Chennai for over a month in Nov-Dec 2017 and did a range of excercises.

Our aim was to investigate how we could bring the Buckingham canal to its original intended use as a salt water navigation canal. This meant majorly to approach with investigating the root cause of the problem and initiating an academic excercise to figure strategies adopted across the globe as well as India and present it to the stakeholders for their consideration. However, on investigation we discovered and discussed a pelothra of social issues and disappointment within the living communities along side the banks of the canal.

Following our return we had to develop our field work into a scientific master thesis work. And I took up flooding adaptation as my theme whereas my counterpart took up the theme of cleaning the canal.