Regarding Hourly Rainfall Data for 27th August 2018 over Gurugram

I am a Ph.D. Scholar at IIT Roorkee.

Through the link (, I came to know about the availability of observed hourly rainfall data. I am working on urban floods over Gurugram (also called Gurgaon) and need hourly data for the same. A link is provided for 2018 that claims to have archived hourly data for all states for the months June, July, August 2018 for the ARG and AWS station types. Some of the recent severe flooding events over Gurgaon were on July 28, 2016 and August 27, 2018 when it rained about 58 mm and 130 mm, respectively. I need the hourly rainfall data for 27th August 2018. How can I get it? Please provide an active link where I can obtain the data. Kindly help.