Questions on STP treated water used in flushing toilets

Please elaborate effects of Uric Acid build up in STP treated water recycled to Flushing

1. We are an apartment complex with 320 families and a Aerobic STP of 1,50,00LPD. We have recently started using STP treated water into toilet flushing. Since same water is re-circulated repeatedly, I am concerned that URIC ACID concentration will get higher over a period of time as it never gets eliminated but keeps building up. I fear this may lead to fowl smell in toilets eventually. Please elaborate on this aspect, how to measure URIC ACID, how to reduce it etc. 2. In order to discourage microbial activity, we are dosing Treated water with Chlorine just before it is pumped to Flushing Tanks. We maintain Cl2 content iaround 1.0 ppm at flushing point. However, I read Chlorine reacts with Uric Acid to produce Trichloramine and Cyanogen. Are these harmful and smelly? 3. We have never been able to get colourless water at Flushing point. The colour is light Bluish Green as in uploaded photo.How can we remove this colour? I have uploaded a photo of flusing water. 4. Please give contact of an STP Expert in BANGALORE to advise us on our STP Plant. We would like a site visit and consultation. Thank you in advance, Raghuram