Pump selection for capped borewell in Bannerghatta, Bangalore,Karnataka

For my proposed house construction in 30x40 site, following borewell was drilled.

Borewell location : Bannerghatta, Bangalore South
Drilling time: mid February, 2011

Backyard clearance: North-east corner,
6 feet from north side,
10 feet from east side
Depth of borewell : 356 feet
Depth of 6.5 ” casing : 24 feet
Depth of 10" PVC Casing pipe: 20 feet.

Yield data :

I yield: 55 feet, 1.5", silt, boulders found
II yield: 180 feet, 0.25", silt, boulders found
III yield: 292 feet, 0.25", loose soil

Filter pipe depth : 354 feet (PVC pipe with holes)
Driller Recommended motor: air compressor

It is meant to be used during the house construction, and then to supplement the Kaveri water (municipal supply) for a smally family of four members.

While drilling, the driller said he got rock very early, I think at around 20 feet. After completing the drilling, he strongly advised to go for filter pipes for the full length of the borewell because of silt and boulders. This filter pipe turned out to be PVC pipes with perforations in its entire length.

Right now the borewell is capped. As I am now starting the construction, can you please advise what
type of pump should I go for ?