Pump and motor struck in borewell at 400 ft. How to remove / lift?

Existing borewell / functioning / cleaned for slush and erected filter pipes upto 440 ft and lowered motor and pump. Again slush and motor got struck in mud. Motor not working.

1) Existing borewell of 9 years old, depth 450 ft. 2) Due to slush / mud borwell was cleaned and as suggested filter pipes installed upto 440 ft. 3) Then we lowered a pump and motor with new HDPE 1 1/2 hose pipe. motor / pump all new. 4) Already two pumps got struck and I had to blast the then existing HDPE pipe to lift the hose. 5) Casing pipe of 6 inches upto 170 ft. 6) 4 inch Filter pipe upto 440 ft. 7) New HDPE pipe upto 400 ft lowered and motor / pump below. Now motor is stuck and not working. 8) Checked with camera and water is there and slush is covering the motor / pump.

How to energise the motor?