Problem of sand in borewell of 1120 ft

We have a borewell of 1120 ft and from the day we have installed motor excess sand coming out with water. Initally we had put 20 Hp pump and motor at 300 ft, delivery 3 inch but the pump got damaged in 7 days due to sand. Then we put new pump of 20 hp and that also got damaged after 10-12 days & bore got punctured and water of upper table got mix in borewell which is of 2500 TDS. After 15-20 days bore got repaired and puncture done and we put 12 HP 12 stage pump but still it is throwing sand and TDS is still 1800. Actual tds at that level is 300.

Can you suggest what we can do, so that this sand don't come out of pump and in how many days this TDS will be normal ? We noted that at one point when the pump used to get damaged, clean water started coming without any sand and as we put new pump it again start throwing sand. Plz advise us.