Please suggest pump for pumping water into an underground sump for proposed 3 floored residential building


We drilled a borewell on 1.03.2012 for proposed 3 floored residential building.
Details are as given below:
1. Bore diameter: 6.5"
2. Bore depth: 722ft
3. M.S casing: 54ft
4. PVC casing: 50ft
5. Water struck at 214ft, 0.5" (Ist) and 408ft, 0.5" (IInd). Total of 1" yield.
6. Yellow coloured loose soil found at 587ft (for 5 minutes of drilling time) and further til 722ft full rock.

Water level checked on 15.03.2012 using thread and following were found:
1. Bore depth: 700ft (20 ft of loose soil deposit)
2. Water found at: 240ft depth
Kindly suggest the pump to be used, to pump water into an underground sump.