Planning to build a 40 by 25 feet water storage tank for residential house in Srinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - Please help me in selecting submersible pump


Last Thursday (8th Sep'11) I availed  Bore well drilling service (with 6 1/2 inch drilling machine) in my residential plot (Srinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka).   Water started at 80 feet and from 100 ft, it was with constant yield (driller conveyed me that it is 2.5 to 3inch).  At about 210 feet, the pressure increased (beyond 3 inch).  Thus, drilling stopped at 240 feet.

The casing was done till 48 feet as we got solid rock all along.

Planning build a Ground + 3 floors (approximately 40feet + 20 to 25 feet length to water storage tank).

Kindly let me know, the kind of pump I need to install (power, stage, pipe size, the depth till pump could be submerged).

Also, please let me know any other information required to be supplied.