Options for hard water treatment for an apartment in Bangalore, Karnataka

Hi ,

I live in an apartment in Bangalore at a place called Bellandur near the outer ring road. I am using a normal water filter (with UV/e-boiling) currently that cannot remove the dissolved impurities in water.

A water filter company had recently demonstrated their RO water filter unit to me and during the demo, they tested the hardness of the borewell water in our apartment and found it to be 700 - 760 ppm. They then dipped a pair of electrodes in a glass of the borewell water and it started to react , turning turbid and producing gelatinous deposits on the electrodes. They also mentioned that this water probably has higher lead levels as its colour had a green tinge after this process.
Then they proceeded to demostrate that the treated water was not as reactive and of hardness lesser than 50 ppm.

I am concerned about the quality of water from our borewell and its effect on all the occupants of the apartment, especially children. Hence I would like to get it tested from a government approved lab in Bangalore if possible. Can you provide me with any information that would be helpful to get this done? I am also not happy with the fact that even if I install an RO filter, it causes a wastage of about 50% or more of the water. Is there any other solution ( a small water treatment unit maybe?) that can be applied for the entire apartment's water supply that reduces wastage as well?

Looking forward to your replies.