Need suggestions for some issues with the 1.5hp monoblock compressor pump for a 170ft deep borewell


20 days ago we dug a borewell 170ft deep, 5" diameter. There is about 145ft of water in the bore. We installed a 1.5hp monoblock compressor pump- Suguna. The air pipe from the pump is CPVC for about 10ft and then 0.5" hose all the way down to about 164ft (50m). The delivery pipe is a 1" hose 164ft deep. At the end of the hose is a PVC nozzle provided by Suguna which is 3ft. All together the pipe depth into the bore is 164+3 = 167ft.

1. When we first ran the compressor pump, a lot of sludge (slate like material-grey in color) blocked the PVC nozzle and water did not come out and 20m of hose was thrown out of the bore. Why did this happen?

We removed the hose, cleaned it and reduced the hose depth by about 10ft to 155ft. We measured the depth of the bore and found that it is currently measuring 160ft

2.Now water coming out is dark in color but there is no block in the hose pipe. However, the CPVC air pipe from the motor gave way (melted, bloated and burst). What should be done to avoid this? Is dark water coming out of the bore normal under starting conditions and should CPVC pipe not be used? Should I reduce the hose pipe by another 10ft?

3. Does the compressor pump generate a lot of heat? Can I continue to use 1.5hp pump for 150ft bore? My tank is located 35ft above ground level.