Need solutions to prevent clogging of water meter in apartment


We have installed water meter in our apartment in Bangalore (Kadubeesanahalli area). Our aim is to reduce the water consumption at individual level. We are going to start the billing, but we have observed that some water meters dont show change in reading. We found that  water meter filter has gets clogged due to deposit of salts and other impurities.

Water meter is from 'Kranti' and we have a strainer attached to it. We clean our over head tank in 3-6 month.

What are the alternative ways to clean the water so that it does not clog the meter? We thought of adding a mesh filter at the entry point to over head tank but I could not find a suitable ne in the local market here. Adding a mesh at exit of the tank will probably reduce the pressure. Will it?

I saw a 3M solution which does not waste water. It does not need electricity too. Would it be good to use this?

Please share your thoughts on this