Need solution for bacterial contamination in borewell water


I am from Chennai and live in an apartment of 24 houses. Recently we found out a foul smell in our borewell water and cleaned the borewell completely using an air compressor. After cleaning we pumped out the water for 2 weeks and did not use it. We gave the water for chemical/microbiological analysis before using it.

Following are the results

Odour - Objectable 

Colour (TCU) < 5, PH Value - 7.8

Conductivity  1214 Us/cm2

Turbidity -3.5 NTU

TDS - 825 mg/l, Total Hardness - 915 mg/l

Carbonate hardness - 41mg/l

Methyl Orange alkalinity (as CaCO3) - 586 mg/l

Calcium - 2mg/l, Magnesium -75mg/l, Silica - 7, Chloride (as Cl) - 288 mg/l

Total Colony Count (22 Deg.C CFU/ml) - 574

Bacterias present

1) Faecal Streptococci 2) Staphylococcus aureus

My queries are

1) can we use this water for bathing, washing clothes/utensils except for drinking

2) If I want to use for normal purpose as mentioned above does it require any treatment and what kind of treatment is required?

3) Are the above bacterias common in borewell water?

Kindly clarify and suggest a suitable solution for the above mentioned problem.