Need resources, example, case studies on management of risks in water quality in South Asia

From Nick Pilgrim, Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia (WSPSA), New Delhi
Posted 29 May 2007

I work for the Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia (WSP-SA), whose primary focus is to support governments in making water and sanitation services work for the poor.

For this, WSPSA carries out studies and assessments on improving the targeting and efficiency of the sector, organizes workshops and exposure tours for participants from across the region. WSP-SA also works with governments and service providers to develop institutional approaches to improve service to the poor by strengthening accountability to citizens, through strategic communications, among other approaches.

WSP-SA is currently doing a South Asia level regional study on management of risks in water quality with the following objectives:

  • The primary objective of the study is to develop an advocacy piece for policy makers identifying the key issues and principles that need to be considered in addressing risks in water quality.
  • A secondary objective is to propose a generic framework for allocation of roles and responsibilities for water quality management, including incentives to implement control measures and for their surveillance.
  • A third objective will be to understand the nature of risks for different types of water and sanitation scenarios, for example, single village schemes, multi-village schemes and small rural towns.
  • Fourthly, the work will provide explicit linkages between water quality risk management and other areas of work such as service quality improvement, regulation and M&E, assignment of functional responsibilities, and intergovernmental financing.

As a first step, we have asked Dan Deere, a consultant, to begin a desk study to collate any existing work on water quality management in the South Asia region.

We would be grateful if members of the Water Community could share with us any examples, experiences, case studies, documents, ideas, contacts, etc. on how the risks in water quality have been managed in various parts of South Asia.

Our primary focus is India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan (although any other material relevant to the South Asian region will also be good).

Your inputs will help us design more focused water quality interventions in the South Asia region, and will therefore be deeply appreciated.

Thanks very much.

Please see attachment below for the responses.