Need methodologies and process for conducting social audit for traditional wetlands in Orissa

Original Query: Arnab Bhattacharjee, Odisha Prakrutika Jalasampad Surakhya Abhijan, Orissa
Posted: 29 November 2005

Dear Members,

I am a social worker engaged in issues related to the traditional wetlands in Orissa. Recently significant development work has been undertaken by various professional agencies including the Government to improve the livelihoods of indigenous groups who are dependent upon traditional wetlands. It is however not clear whether the benefits of these efforts are reaching the poorest among these groups.

In this context, we are planning to conduct a social audit of the impacts of the development initiatives for traditional wetlands, where the projects will be especially examined from the perspective of how well they address equity issues.

Unfortunately, however, we have only a limited knowledge of the process and methodologies for social audits with focus on equity. My request to the Network is: to share information, experiences and/or direct me to organizations and persons who have developed and used such methodologies.

Please see attachment below for the responses.