Need to know legal distance between two borewells in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh

I am Resident of Varathur panchayat, G.D.Nellor (M.D) & Chittoor D.t

We have bore well at my residence purely used for agricultural purpose, which we had drilled aprox in year of 1998. Over the year so many bore wells were drilled around our point, which includes a public standpost too.

In the year 2009 we have drilled one more Borewell after stoppage of water from old well , just 2-3 mt away from old one.

After almost 10 months, water is not coming from public bore well and there are claming that there is a linkage between ours and public drinking bore well.

when public bore well was drilled we suggestd them to not to make near by ours, However due this are many our bore well got dried, which made us to drill new one.

Public is asking us to close our bore well, so that sufficient water will be available for drinking purpose.

Please suggest what the legal distance between two bore wells and also suggest how to come out-of the problem.


Purushotham Reddy