Need to know capacity of a 7.5 HP borewells motor at 12 stages with 1.5 Inch water at 620 feet in Osmanabad, Maharashtra

Posted By : Vikrant Pandhare

Posted Date : 29/03/2020

I have 620 feet deep borewells which contains 1.5 inch water and 7.5 HP motor with 12 stages as well as outer pipeline is 2.5 inch pipe. Please let me know if 1.5 inch water in borewell is there which size pipeline should I choose?

My second question is: The 7.5 HP pump stops every 3 minutes after pumping for 2 minutes. These 2 minutes water comes full in 2.5 inches pipe, later it gives break of 3 minutes and then starts pumping for 2 minutes. Kindly advice me on a right choice of over bend size of pipeline.