Need info on depth and type of pump to be inserted for a bore 95 ft deep - Also need to know about adding pebbles to purify water


I am form south Bangalore and we recently dug a borewell. I need help with regard to certain matters and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Borewell total depth: 95 feet Water found at : 53 feet. At 90 feet the driller said that there is sand just like in the river bed and stopped at 95 feet. Water Yield: 2 inches. Can you please clarify the following:

  • At what depth should the pump be inserted ?
  • Is it good to add pebbles to purify the water, if yes, kindly explain the procedure to do the same.
  • Which make of submersible pump is the best, it needs to lift water upto 45 feet high.