Need help with the type of compressor to use for borewells of 360 ft and 200 ft in Ernakulum,Kerala


I dug two bore wells (4.5") within 2mtrs near Thiruvaniyur near Ernakulam in Kerala. One to a depth of 360ft and the other to 200ft and did not get water. But after 24 hrs, saw water in both wells within 10ft from top. The company that dug the borewell is assuring me of water by using compressor pump.

I want your guidance on the type of compressor pump to be used and an approximate estimate for that. The technician suggested a 3 HP compressor pump and they are assuring me of 1000 ltrs of water a day from these borewells. How can I be sure about their claim.

Can I use single compressor pump for drawing water from both wells.

Thanking you