Need help to select motor - Compressor motor or submersible - Borewell 200 feet and 4.5' dia

Please help us in determining the best motor. I have a building with a height of 40 ft near Tenkasi( Nannagaram). There we  have made a 4.5'dia borewell of 20o ft, there is an open pond nearby 200 Metres. First water spary taken at 38-40 ft , 2nd at 85-90 ft & 3rd one at 130ft. What kind of motor should I go for - compressor motor or submersible. Persons in the area have been using compressor and have observed some fine sand in the water. Kindly suggest your opinion on power consumptions, maintenance and durability of these motors - Texmo / Suguna/ any other.

Thank you,
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