Need experiences on reward mechanisms used for promoting successful urban WES projects

Original Query: Sharadbala Joshi, Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC), Loughborough University, UK
Posted: 16 June 2006

I have primarily been involved with urban projects which aimed at enhancing sustainable access to water supply and sanitation at local government levels. I am currently investigating reasons for the slow and difficult transfer or up scaling of good practices in urban areas. As the exchanges through Solution Exchange show, there are numerous interventions, including water and sanitation projects managed in a sustainable manner by women’s self-help groups, which have resulted in sustainable improvements in the lives of the poor in urban and rural areas. These models, if shared, can be adapted or replicated in other parts of India and other locations with similar contexts. However, knowledge about such good practices is primarily known amongst those associated with such interventions or networks and organizations with which such individuals and organizations are associated.

I am currently looking at processes for identification and recognition of good practices that are followed by local, national or award giving organizations for sustainable development approaches that can be adapted or transferred to similar contexts. I am interested in identifying why many organizations and individuals do not seek recognition through award giving organizations.

In the context of the above, and with specific reference to the WES sector, I would be grateful ifmembers could share any experiences they are familiar with on the following:

  • Reward mechanisms that have been used effectively to promote and disseminate examplesof sustainable access to water supply and sanitation in urban areas.
  • Relevance of factors such as social acceptability of awards or non-monetary recognition; the status or legitimacy of the award giving organization; eligibility requirements; application and selection processes etc.

Please see attachment below for the responses.