Need examples of films on water related issues and other information associated with them

From Nitya Jacob, Writeshop Infotech Private Limited, New Delhi
Posted 20 March 2007

I work for the Writeshop Infotech Private Limited, an organization providing communication design and documentation support to various stakeholders in the development sector.

In the recent Visioning Workshop of the Water Community, one of the suggestions was to set up a resource centre with water-related information. This does not exist at the moment.

I would like to suggest that we begin with films, as this is a specific sort of information that can be collected and made available both online and offline.

I request members to share information on water-related films that they have made or that they know about. The topics could cover any of the following broad areas in the water sector:

  • Drinking water– access, quality, equity, technology, urban/rural governance, good practices, etc.
  • Water resources– sustainability, access, water harvesting, governance, policy issues, Groundwater, policy analysis, impact of globalization and privatisation, etc.
  • Sanitation– need, gaps, lack of access, emerging methods and technologies, integrating with rural and urban settlements, problems in scaling up, etc.
  • Water Quality– chemical and bacteriological contamination due to industries, water-logging, excessive groundwater extraction, unsafe waste disposal practices, etc.
  • Success stories- in above spheres, which have been documented on film

Members are requested to please provide the following information:

  • Name of film, Director, Producer, duration, language, theme/subject (3 to 4 lines), year of production, location of production, etc.
  • Members may also share any proforma they may have designed for recording and storing information on these films systematically.
  • The information may also include names of agencies that support filmmaking on water-related issues.

This listing will help us develop a compendium of films on water that we will share with all members, and which will help us sp awareness and water literacy among various stakeholders.

Please see attachment below for the responses.