Need advice in selecting a water pump in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

I wish to install a water pump in my residence in Hyderabad with due consideration of the following factors:

1. I reside on the first floor of a duplex at an elevation of 10 mtrs., with no access to construct an underground water sump.

2. I cannot install a pump permanently on the ground level.

3. I presently collect water on the ground level in a Plastic Drum (200 liters), then install a half HP condensor Pump near to the plastic Drum, using a 3/4th inch suction end flexi pipe and a 1/2 inch out, to which I attach another flexi pipe on a daily basis to fill water drums in my residence on the first floor.

4. I am the only able bodied person in my household who can install the present water pump.

5. Please suggest which Water Pump I must install near my window on the first floor permanently and just drop a flexi pipe of the suction end in to the filled Plastic Drum below and to end the misery of daily installation of the present pump.