Need advice regarding pump selection for a borewell with boulders


Recently the submersible pump I was using in the borewell stopped working. I was not able to remove the pump due to boulders. So the pump was detached and left in the borewell. The total depth of the borewell is 500 feet with water source at 470 feet. The diameter of the borewell is almost 6 inches with casing till 200 feet.  Boulders are seen at 330 feet and current water level is 270 feet. The water source seems good as 1 inch yield has been reported. Yesterday I used a temporary submersible pump and was able to pump water for continous 45 minutes without any issues.

As the borewell is having boulders, should I fix a submersible or compressor pump? At what depth should I install the pump? Please suggest.

Thanks, Santhosh K

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