Need advice on improving the quantity of water pumping from the borewell

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a resident of Mahipalpur Extn, Delhi. Delhi Jal Board has dug a borewell for around 60-75 plots in the locality. The locality has been divided into 3 parts. Every part consisit of 15-20 plots (these plots are 4 storey buildings and have 9-10 tenant families in each plot) who use that borewell for 4 hours.

Our house is in the last part of this localiy and is around 80-100 from the borewell because of which we get very less water and that too when all the others stop drawing water from the borewell. We are using 1.5 horse power machine to draw water.

Please advise us as to how we can pull more water even while others are drawing water. 

Thanking you and warm regards,

Mukesh Rawat