Need advice in identifying ideal positions for RWH structures via satellite imaging

I believe that,underground water gets enriched by the rain water entering some of the cracks on the crust of the earth.
Such cracks might have been filled by soil now and may not be visible to our naked eye. I want to identify with the
help of satellite picture (may be by using any  modern technology like infra red photos) the cracks on the earths crust.
Once we identify such  spots, we need to construct water harvesting/storage systems next to such spots with an
intention to help the rain water reach such cracks and enrich deeper part of the earth quickly. Thus, the rain water
gets recharged quickly resulting in improvement of underground water table and a lot of benefit. For this project,
I want to know where can I get the  satellite images which may give me idea about the spots which has got cracks
on earths crust.

Ramesh B.M.