Issues with the borewell water in Chennai,TN



I had drilled a new borewell in my plot 3 months before.   The guys who drilled the borewell informed me that the volume of water is good but it will take another 10 to 15 days to get clear water.

However even after 3 months, I am still getting the muddy water.After storing the water in the tank, I get a thin layer of black clay which settles at the bottom of the tank.

The bore details are provided below:

Total depth of the bore : 125 Ft

Hard rock surfaced at : 67 Ft

5 Inch pipes still 70 ft and slotted pipes in the last 40ft.

I am using a besten 1 HP submersible pump, which is placed at 100 Ft depth.


How I can resolve the muddy water issue?

Will cleaning the borewell through compressor method useful or is there any other method which I can use to clean the borewell?


Any assistance on the issue is highly appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,


Vijay S