Issue of borewell water yield

I am facing water yield problem in a borewell at my farm in North Gujarat. In 2014, we had a first borewell of 600ft depth, which worked properly for 6 years. 

After that, we dug a borewell of 1000ft depth near by but the water discharge from that was very less (it could run only up to 10-20 sprinklers, whereas the prior bore was able to run up to 80-90 sprinklers). Then we dug a third borewell with a depth of 1000 in that premises. But I am facing the same issue of less water discharge. It initially ran 40 sprinklers but within an hour of starting the pump, it was reduced to 10 sprinklers. So, I am concerned to solve this issue.

In my neighbourhood, there is no similar issue. So, how can I find the real cause of this issue or what might be the most economical solution to this problem?