How to pull out a blocked bore well pump

Need advice/help

Hi, In my farming land I recently drilled a new bore well. It's got stuck and we are not able to lift it out with chain blocker. Bore well details Total Feet: 180 Casing Feet: 60 (6") Motor type: 3HP motor (4") connected Pipe: HDPE single pipe (150 feets) Motor pump is at 135 feets deep in bore well. Now on top of motor almost 50 feet mud fell. When we checked with thread it went up to 80 feet only. We checked with some bore well vendors who said with air pressure in the bore pump there may be a 50% chance only to pull out the motor pump from bore well. Even if motor pump comes out it may work or not because the air is pushing from bore pipe. Please suggest. Thanks. Reddy.