How to fill cavity or gap at the bottom of the borewell?

Borewell Cavity/Gap Filling.


We drilled a borewell 3 years ago . The following are the details

    • 86 feet dry gap
    • 90 trickle/light source
    • 100 water source
    • Motor-360
    • Water Level - 365
    • 367 - bore end

Initially we were informed by geologist that we have got atleast 6" water and there would be no shortage for water.Infact the drilling was not possible more that 367* [we were told total drill was 385 ft ]

We had no issues for 3 years even in hot summer! Now we no more get any water.

We got the borewell scanned and found the above details. The problem seems to be that between 360 and 365 - there is a cavity/pocket/break/gap and all the water from our source is flowing out of this cavity extremely fast - thus not allowing our water level to increase, most likely after a bore was drilled some distance from our house 3 streets away!

What do you suggest to resolve this issue? Should we plan to dig further or is there any other way to block the cavity/Gap.?

Will drilling further be possible? Many bores in our area go in excess of 450ft plus!!