Need advice on finding a suitable high pressure pump for a portable RO water system powered by solar panels


I am currently a fourth year student studying Chemical Engineering and I am working on designing a portable RO water system. I am looking for a high pressure pump that is suitable for my working specifications. I am looking for a pump that could possibly have an of intake 300-400Lph and work at a pressure head of around 80-100m. Additionally this pump must be able to work on 12-24V DC since this treatment system will be powered using solar energy. The RO membrane we will be using will be a 4021 membrane and there will be a two-stage pre-treatment before the RO. The system will probably be running for 4-5 hours/day and the total requirement is around 500Lpd after all the treatment.

Any suggestions on where I could find such pumps or if such conditions are even feasible?


Madhav Gupta