Groundwater regulation under consideration for Andhra Pradesh

Alarmed at the unsustainable groundwater usage in farming and resulting enormous public distress, the AP government is working on legislation to remedy the situation. The legislation is likely to be in the form of an upgrade to the AP Water Land and Trees Act (WALTA). The current Act can be read here:   /node/1023

Attached are two working documents that are being used to frame the discussion for the new regulations. PLEASE NOTE: These in no way represent final or official positions of the AP Government or other organisations and are not to be taken as such. 

Your (informed!) input could prove very useful to the process of coming up with the new legislation. Please add your input. The working group in particular requests information on instruments that can be used by the community to enforce groundwater management. Some of the instruments already discussed by the group are attached and your input on them is welcome.

If you would like to get involved in the process of framing the regulation more seriously, please contact Mr. Ravindra at 

We look forward to your useful contribution in this critical area.


India Water Portal Team