Failed borewell in Bangalore, Karnataka - Will hydro fracturing help

My home is located at HRBR Layout (Banaswadi) Bangalore. We got a borewell dug in August 2005. Here are the details from the report given when the borewell was dug:

76 ft  over sandy,  6 to 190 ft MIRock, 190 to 240 ft MI Hard Rock, 240 to 245 ft Water source with boolders, 245 to 270 ft MI Hard Rock.  (some of the spellings might be wrong as the report was not clear and I am not sure of the terminology).

Total Depth of  borewell is  270 ft. Static water level 90ft and water yield 3600GPH (4inch). While digging borewell, water started gushing from the neighbours borewell (theirs is at 344 ft deep). As they were concerned about their borewell we stopped from further digging.

We have put a 1.5Hp submersible motor with 250ft long pipe. We have also created rain water harvesting around the borewell. We were using the borewell very sparingly. But recently a week back we did not get any water when we switched on the motor. We got the electric connection and motor checked and everything is working fine and the motor mechanic concluded that everything is fine with motor and there is no water in the borewell. We consulted the borewell company.

After an initial investigation they suggested to do Air Flushing to know whether there is any interconnect with other borewells around which dried our borewell. If that is the case we have to go for a new borewell. Otherwise they are saying we can dig the same borewell for another 100ft.

I heard of hydro-fracturing. Will that help in this case?  How costly is air flushing verses hydo fracturing?  What could be the reason our borewell went dry? Please help me in deciding the next course of action.

Thank you.