Drip irrigation related advice


I need advice for installing a good & efficient drip irrigation system and the subsidies from the State (Kerala) and Central government for this.

I have come across 3 types of systems available 

1. Certified drip irrigation system from branded suppliers that costs Rs 40000 + per acre for installation. This, I understand, qualifies for 50% subsidy
2. Non certified /non branded drip irrigation system that costs Rs 25000 to 30000 + per acre for installation. They use the same components & accessories as the branded ones. This I understand, does not qualify for subsidy
3. Low cost drip irrigation systems like the ones from IDEI, KB drip irrigation that uses 250 micron tubes, but understand that they use the same systems as others, but this costs between Rs 10000 to 12000 per acre for installation.

I would like to have views on the viability, efficiency of each of the 3 systems and also would like to know which is the most optimum drip irrigation system.

I would appreciate recommendation on good drip irrigation suppliers in Kollam, Kerala 

Prof Peter Pradeep