Draft report of the sub group IV on NRM during XI plan - Need inputs to formulate the strategy

From N. K. Sanghi, Sub-Group IV on NRM for XI Plan, Planning Commission, Government of India
Posted 1 December 2006

As part of the formulation exercise for the Eleventh Five Year Plan, the Planning Commission, Government of India has set up a Working Group on Natural Resources Management under Prof. R.B. Singh, Member, National Commission on Farmers, New Delhi as the Chairpersonship. (Click on link below for TORs and details of the Working Group).


Of the seven sub-groups that have been formulated to look at various TORs of the above Working Group, Sub-Group IV will focus on the following four TORs:
i. To examine the issue of user rights over common property resources and equitable use of such resources (including water). Also, to suggest measures for dovetailing water-use regulation as an important and integral part of the watershed programme
ii. To suggest economic and financial incentives for sustainable land and water development programmes
iii. To suggest modalities to enable Gram Panchayats to access funds, under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act for development of Rainfed agriculture
iv. To suggest measures/ programmes for natural resources management for XI Five Year Plan and requirement of funds, and the area to be covered under programmes of various Ministries/Departments.

As Chairperson of the Sub group IV, I place the following documents before members of Solution Exchange for your inputs:

1. A short summary of the Draft Report of the Sub-Group IV, available at the following link: http://www.solutionexchange-un.net.in/environment/cr/res22120601.doc (Size: 10KB)
2. The Sub-Group’s complete Draft Report, available at the following link: http://www.solutionexchange-un.net.in/environment/cr/res22120602.doc (Size: 749 KB)
3. Members may also like to refer to the following document as background reading:

“From Hariyali to Neeranchal - Report of the Technical Committee on Watershed Programmes in India,” by S. Parthasarthy, January 2006 available at the following link: https://www.wassan.org/Parthasarathy_Committee.htm

I look forward to active discussions and responses from Solution Exchange members in helping us formulate the strategy for the XI Plan on this most important issue.

Please see attachment below for the responses.