Discussion on the fluoride and arsenic problem in the groundwater in India

Fluoride and Arsenic have become a recurring theme in discussing water issues and particularly water quality issues in India. The areas affected seem to be increasing over time. There are several different aspects to the problem some of which are mentioned below:

  • Technical solutions to the problem like defluoridation kits and plants
  • Socio-economic aspects. Many interventions have failed due to the lack of maintainance of the technical solutions implemented
  • Understanding the mechanism of mobilization of arsenic or flouride into groundwater 

We would like to start a user discussion on these critical topics! - India Water Portal team

Resources on India Water Portal

/search/node/fluorosis pulls up most of the resources on India Water Portal on Fluoride.  Some notable content:

The Sachetana project is Karnataka is a successful government intervention to combat fluoride. Among the measures adopted is intensive household level rainwater harvesting for drinking water, where the attempt is to get all the households in the village to adopt rwh.

A downloadable multimedia training course on Flouride in English, Kannada and Telugu

A good introductory presentation: https://www.indiawaterportal.org/node/897

A map of high endemic flouride areas

For arsenic, the following links are usefuL

Field testing kits for water quality