Diesel engine of 8hp for water lifting at depth of120 ft : Need low-cost options for an NGO

We are a grassroot developmental NGO- (LOKVIKAS). We are implementing rainwater harvesting. During monsoon we are collecting  rainwater on farm and then inject it to undergound level through strainer pipe upto the depth of 120 ft where we have high saline aquifer of TDS level approximately 4500 ppm. In winter we are lifting the rainwater stored at subsoil aquifer for irrigation. we can cultivate at least 22 vighas of land through this stored rainwater.

Currently we are using diesel engine of 8 HP for water lifting. This is costing us Rs. 32000.00 for the engine as well as diesel cost. Is there any cheaper option for water lifting from a depth of 120ft with at least 8HP pressure head?

Biplab K Paul